Flipper Uno Los Gigantes Masca

Los Gigantes Masca Wooden Sailboat «Flipper Uno»
Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000053

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos

Flipper Uno Boat Capacity: 91

Made from the African and Brazilian wood “Morera”.

The Flipper Uno  los Gigantes Masca company was formed in 1996 specializing in sea excursions with departures from the Port of Los Gigantes. Experience and knowledge about the Los Gigantes and Masca area. The ship is made of African and Brazilian “mulberry” wood. It is the first ship of this size, handmade, in Tenerife. It has a maximum capacity of 91 passengers plus its crew.

Depending on the season, its program is different. In the Summer season they sail both 2-hour tours and 3-hour tours. while during the winter season it only sails 3-hour tours. Both Flipper Uno cruises sail to Los Gigantes and Masca.

Flipper Uno in Los Gigantes Masca Bay

When we leave the Los Gigantes dock, we serve a small snack, a drink, and go in search of the dolphins and/or whales. One of the two we guarantee (depending on the state of the sea)! After having photographed the cetaceans we sail near the cliffs of Masca and Los Gigantes. They are some of the highest in the world with points up to almost 600 meters. In one of the bays with its crystal clear water, we anchor and you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Entering the water is easy, either with the ladder or in a more spectacular way: with the zip line.

After the bath we will serve a lunch: a paella based on chicken and vegetables. Bread, and a fruit. During the whole excursion, all drinks are included: red wine, beer, Fanta, cola, water. Onboard there is a guide who will explain everything, in your own language. After sailing 3 hours, we return to the Los Gigantes dock. Don’t forget your camera, swimsuit and your good mood. On each trip you are accompanied by an “Official cetacean watching guide”.

Flipper Uno: Included services

  • Official whale watching guide.
  • Drinks: red wine, beer, soft drinks and water.
  • Lunch: Chicken and vegetable paella, bread and fruit.
  • Whale watching.
  • Swimming in the bay with a zip line.

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