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History of Whale Watching in Tenerife

About us is where you will find the story. Whale and Dolphin Watching first started in the early ’80s. First of all, it was first started in the fishing village of Los Cristianos in the south of Tenerife. In the meantime, the excursions were not dedicated to whale watching, but to sailing along the coast and enjoying the sea.

Sometimes we would come across these wonderful marine mammals. But it was not until one day a marine biologist was enjoying the excursion. Apart from the dolphins, also recognized and identified marine creatures as Short-finned Pilot whales. Which at the present time were sighted so very often. And still today. On the whole, it generated a great deal of emotion, dedication and passion that set a style for each whale watching trip that followed. Since then, their permanent residence was discovered in the area that is known today as the ZEC zone.

About us:

To point out the first whale watching tours began with an old wooden schooner from 1918 called Nostramo. It sailed from Los Cristianos fishing port. Back in 1980’s it sailed daily along our Canarian coastline of Tenerife. Due to the increase in ferry traffic, it was later relocated to Playa San Juan. Here it continued to sail towards the cliff of Los Gigantes and the bay of Masca. This cruise was their main cruise. Los Gigantes Masca cruise took around 5 hours. Its main attraction was to provide an amazing experience. Experiencing breathtaking views of our coast. It was only later through the years, that they discovered the existence of our resident species. Sooner or later the importance of our wildlife grew to achieve great importance for the tourism industry in Tenerife.

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About us: Today

As a result, today almost 40 years later, Whale and Dolphin Watching in Tenerife is recognised as Cetacean watching capital of Europe. Offering authentic and inspirational marine wildlife boat tours, excursions and sailing adventures. There is many types of boats offering nature cruises. You can explore marine wildlife by catamaran, sailboat, wooden boats and RIB’s.

Tenerife has received numerous honors and awards internationally and domestically for delivering consistent outstanding quality experiences for our visitors. In conclusion, the Canary Islands  has set a standard for excellence in whale and dolphin watching trips and has placed the island of Tenerife on the map as the capital of Cetacean Watching in Europe.

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