Mar de Ons

Mar de Ons Sailboat «Bahriyeli».
Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000129.

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos 

Bahriyeli is a double mast schooner from Turkey with a capacity of 136 passengers.

In collaboration with Sea Shepheard.

First of all, you should know Mar de Ons Bahriyeli collaborates with Sea Shepherd. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Sea Shepherd to help its constant battle to save whales and dolphins in their fight for survival and some endangered species.

Bahriyeli is a classic double mast schooner built in 1990. Entirely made of noble wood with a capacity of 136 and 3 crew. It measures 27m long, 7.10m wide. This boat is docked in the emblematic fishing village of Los Cristianos.

Our whale and dolphin excursions will provide everything for your adventure. Sailing out to our Atlantic ocean in search for marine wildlife living in our shores. Discover pods of whales and dolphins right outside Los Cristianos harbor walls.

Included Services with Mar De Ons:

  • Whale & dolphin watching.
  • Swim stop in our 3 hour excursion.
  • Food & Drinks included in our 3 hour excursion.

Boats in Puerto de Los Cristianos

Port of Los Cristianos, Arona, Tenerife

28º 02' 55" N 016º 43' 09" W

Located in the fishing town of Los Cristianos in the south of Tenerife. This is where the whole whale and dolphin wathcing story started in the early 80's. The Port of Los Cristianos could be considered the birth place of Whale Watching in the Canary Islands. , Los Cristianos is a good place to spend the day. With the beach of Los Cristianos being close by with many activities such as shops, restaurants, icecream shops, cafeterias and bars. Try one of the local fish restaurants. Have some fresh fish caught daily and brought to the port by the local fishermen.