Los Gigantes from the sea

Sustainable Whale Watching

Is one of the most popular tourist activities in Tenerife. However, it is important to approach this issue from a sustainable and responsible perspective to guarantee the preservation of these species and protect the environment.

The sustainable sighting of cetaceans in Tenerife is fundamental for the conservation of these marine species since it contributes to improving the understanding of their behavior, ecology, and habitats. In addition, this sustainable tourist activity promotes environmental education and awareness of visitors about the importance of protecting marine biodiversity.

To ensure that whale watching in Tenerife is sustainable, it is essential to choose companies that comply with international standards of good ecological tourism practice. These companies must respect the minimum distance from the animals, avoid aggressive and noisy approaches, and use environmentally friendly boats.

In Tenerife, we can find several species of cetaceans, among them the bottlenose dolphin and the pilot whale, which are the most common in the area. The sustainable sighting of these marine mammals allows you to enjoy their beauty and splendor in a responsible manner without disturbing their natural habitat and guaranteeing their survival and conservation.

In simple terms, sustainable whale watching means observing and enjoying these incredible animals without causing damage to their natural habitat. It is important to remember that cetaceans are wild animals and, although they may seem friendly, they need living space for their survival.

Responsible Tour Operator

Therefore, it is important to choose a responsible tour operator that provides clear and accurate information on how to carry out the sighting safely. In addition, operators must ensure that all ships comply with safety regulations to avoid collisions and other dangers.

In addition, it is essential not to feed the cetaceans or throw garbage at them. By doing so we can generate dependency and negatively affect their natural diet, as well as contaminate the environment in which they live.

Following the sustainability approach, by choosing a responsible tour operator we will also be supporting programs for the conservation and protection of marine species in Tenerife.

In short, sustainable whale watching in Tenerife is an important tourist activity, but it is crucial to approach it responsibly and sustainably. Respecting and protecting marine biodiversity is essential to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our planet and its inhabitants.

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