Freebird Catamaran

Freebird Catamaran:

  • «One» Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000047.
  • «Funcat» Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000074.
  • «One4you» Blue boat: CT-38-4-00000075.

Associations: WCA World Cetacean Alliance & AEBAM (Asociación Española de Basuras Marinas).

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos Tenerife Whale Heritage Site


Freebird One is a unique catamaran designed for greater comfort for our passengers. With its 28m length, it is the largest catamaran on the Canary Islands for sea excursions.

Both F13 & F15 are modern Tahiti 75 model catamarans. Built by Fountaine Pajot.

Another key point, our catamarans offer a VIP Zone with comfortable hammocks (extra cost applies).

Freebird Catamaran offers Whale & Dolphin watching excursion in Tenerife. Thanks to their more than 20 years of experience and more than 40 employees. In addition extensive academic formation and qualification. Therefore also care for all the details and organization of your experience to promise you a 5 star service.

Our tour guides will inform you about the characteristics of the cetaceans species that we find during the excursion. With this in mind, you will learn about their habits, food, migration patterns, etc. Furthermore, once we have been able to observe in freedom cetacean species such as pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, you can relax sun bathing and enjoying a swim in the sea. To sum up the day, finally we will return to Puerto Colon.

Freebird Catamaran uniquely offer a VIP Zone with comfortable hammocks. Relax in the sun in your hammock during the excursion. Enjoy a privileged view at the bow of the catamaran to see whales and dolphins in the best company.