3 hour Whale Watching trips.

Our 3-hour whale-watching trip in Tenerife offers a unique opportunity to witness some of the world’s most magnificent marine creatures in their natural habitat. With our expert guides, you’ll learn about the diverse species of whales, dolphins, and other marine life that inhabit the waters around the Canary Islands. We take a sustainable and responsible approach to whale watching, ensuring that we do not disturb the natural behavior of the animals. Along with the thrill of seeing these incredible creatures up close, you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of Tenerife’s rugged coastline. Book your tour today and experience the wonder of sustainable whale watching in Tenerife.

Puerto Colon – Royal Delfin

3H Atlantic Cruise

FREE transport from Fañabe, Las Americas & Los Cristianos, Whale and Dolphin Watching, Languages: ENG, SPA, GER, FR.

Selected drinks and courtesy lunch included.

3 Hour Boat trip
ADULTS 47€  – CHILD 23.50€ (4-11 yrs) – INFANT FREE 0-3 yrs

Puerto Colon – Freebird

3H Whale Watching

FREE transport from Fañabe, Las Americas & Los Cristianos, Whale and Dolphin Watching, Languages: ENG, SPA, GER, FR.

Drinks and Sandwich included.

3 Hour Boat trip
ADULTS 39€  – CHILD19.50€ (5-11 yrs) – INFANT FREE 0-4 yrs

Puerto Colon – Roulette Charters

3H Shared Charter

Pick up Availabe! Maximum 10 people aboard, Lunch and drinks included!

3 Hour shared sailboat charter
ADULTS 50€  – CHILD 25€ (4-11 yrs) – INFANT FREE 0-3 yrs


  • Book your whale watching tour in advance. There are many companies that offer boat trips on the island. Booking online makes things easier to plan ahead and find the whale watching tour that fits your needs.
  • Even if the weather is generally warm all year long, cloudy and colder days can happen in the winter. Make sure to bring something to cover yourself such as a wind & rain jacket if the weather looks fit for it.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen (in any season), a sun hat and sunglasses. The sun is stronger at sea.
  • If you suffer from seasickness we would recommend booking a larger boat. You will feel the swell a lot less. Also in the case of needing medication, you must provide your own.
  • It doesn’t really matter which trip you book – morning or afternoon. The chances to see whales and dolphins are just as high.


Swimming with dolphins and whales in the wild is FORBIDDEN in Tenerife.

No organization will ever offer this type of activity as it is illegal in Spain. If you see such behavior from a boat crew, please report them to the authorities or one of the whale protection organizations (AWdF). Some parks on the island (that we won’t make advertising for), offer paid tours to encounter dolphins in swimming pools. However, remember that these places capture these animals in the wild and keep them trained in small pools. This is not sustainable nor respectful to wildlife.

If you want to approach dolphins and whales in a respectful manner, we encourage you to take a boat tour.