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COVID Free Whale Watching Protocol

Here you will find all the information and Protocol to follow for a COVID Free Whale Watching Experience. Safety is our prime concern. Remember that the SW Coast of Tenerife is a protected area. Choosing one of these boats ensures the well being aswell as a sustainable approach towards their environment and habitat. Come and explore the different cetacea species that can be found in our coastline. Take a cruise and enjoy some of the largest animals of our planet. Discover marine animals like whales, dolphins and other wildlife in a COVID Free Environment.

Below you will find the NEED TO KNOW BASICS for a COVID Free Excursion and its Protocols.

COVID 19 Free Whale Watching Protocol

When should I Wear a Mask? If social distancing is not possible, ALWAYS.

The capacities vary between 10 and 200 passengers and the range of offer from simple short trips to parties of several hours anchored near the coast, where food, drinks, and various nautical activities are offered around the ship. The diversity of boats and activities on board is very different in each case and thus, in a sail boat, for example, with a maximum capacity of 10 people, and where a sandwich is usually given to the client, there should be no greater problem in maintaining sanitary security measures. But in a ship with +80 seats and little space available, where catering or self-service meals are offered, the care provided to minimize health risks is more complex and the capacity limitations will be very diverse taking into account the design and capacity that each boat offers.
On the other hand, in outdoor activities and since the boat is an open space, a priori this is an advantage, but, on the other hand, the wind factor plays against health safety and therefore it is recommended to use of masks both in a sanitary state in AMBER and in GREEN if the safety distance between users and in all open areas cannot be guaranteed when the boat is sailing or at anchor.

What to Know Onboard

  • Boats should have entry and exit areas for bathing, toilets, food areas, and other areas.
  • Easy to use soap dispensers, hydroalcoholic gel, disposers of disposable tissues, hand dryers, etc., is available in all common areas for clients and staff.
  • The crew must inform passengers to download the information collected in the QR codes on their own mobiles.
  • If not possible, the information in relation to the service is carried out in a briefing before departure.
  • If the safety distance cannot be guaranteed, the use of a mask is mandatory during navigation throughout the excursion and by the entire journey by the ship’s crew.
  • In boats with two or more corridors, one-way traffic routes are established, avoiding the crossing of clients.
  • If the weather conditions allow it, in areas where the boat is anchored, the use of masks is exempt.
  • In those excursions that plan to offer a snack or food/drink to the passengers, these are individually plated and/or packaged.
  • The buffet is avoided and passengers are served in the assigned places during the excursion.
  • On whale watching excursions, when encountering them, it is urged to maintain a safe distance between clients, if not possible, a mask should be used.
  • Once the passenger returns to their assigned seats, the potentially contaminated areas are cleaned/disinfected.
  • In the excursions where a stop is made for those who want to swim in the sea, it is recommended to enable a certain area of ​​access to water and a different one for the return to the boat after bathing, avoiding crowds of clients and crossing users.

Whale Watching Companies Obligation

  • It is verified that the recreational and/or sports activities offered to passengers and organized by the entity itself or subcontracted to third parties comply with the recommendations of the applicable health authority.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the toilets should be reinforced, always guaranteeing the correct state of health and hygiene of these.
  • The crew has duly disinfected and stored the material to be delivered to the users at the time of snorkeling or other activity.
  • Any material delivered to the passenger and that is reusable is deposited in the designated containers for immediate disinfection and subsequent reuse.
  • Once the service is finished, the ship’s disinfection protocols are carried out: railings, seats, mats, places where passengers could hold onto, deck, snorkel gear, others.
  • Regarding the towel service, it is recommended that the client bring a towel from the hotel or establishment where they are staying.
  • Hammock/Sunbeds with adequate physical separation can be used in full.