Tenerife Dolphin

Royal Delfin Catamaran

August 1, 2021

Tenerife Dolphin

A Canarian company, pioneer and leader in sea excursions since 1985. First with more than 34 years of experience in whale and dolphin watching. Secondly, Tenerife Dolphin is the first company in Spain of marine excursions awarded with the certificate ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental ManagementSystem. A certificate that demonstrates the environmental and ecological commitment that the company has with the environment. 

Royal Delfin Catamaran

Tenerife Dolphin also has the only catamaran in Tenerife that allows the observation and sighting of whales and dolphins above and under the sea through our EXCLUSIVE SUBMARINE VISION. Live a unique experience. Equally important, our catamaran Royal Delfín has 16 UNDERWATER PANORAMIC WINDOWS OF 50 INCHES. A luxury for the eyes of anyone for the sighting of cetaceans underwater, roaming free and in their natural habitat.

The Royal Delfin has authorization by MAPAMA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food, and Environment), and has “Blue Flag”. This flag is given by the Government of the Canary Islands, wearing this badge in the form of a flag visible to those boats that meet the legal requirements and in turn promote the conservation of the environment and its resources.

Tenerife Dolphin Cruises

Los Gigantes Masca Cruise

The 4’5 hour boat tour is our flagship product. Our catamaran will sail from Puerto Colon and sail along the southwest coast from Costa Adeje to Los Gigantes Cliffs. In this area we will search for whales and dolphins. Mostly to observe them in their free and natural habitat.

DEPARTURES 09:30: Saturdays

DEPARTURES 14:00: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, Friday & Sundays.

Atlantic Cruise

On the 3-hour boat tour, our Royal Delfín catamaran will sail from Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje. We will sail along the coast from Playa de Las Américas to Diego Hernandez beach where we will stop at the bay to enjoy a swim. Also where we will also serve a complimentary lunch. Whale and Dolphin Watching at its finest for those with not so much time.

DEPARTURES: Wednesdays  10:30 & Saturdays 14:00.

Mini Cruise

On the 2-hour boat tour, our catamaran with underwater vision will sail from Puerto Colon, Playa de Las Américas. We will sail along the southern coast of Tenerife in search of this wonderful ocean wildlife. Especially to observe them in their free and natural habitat.

DEPARTURES 10:30: Monday, Thursday,  Friday & Sunday.

Departures from



Costa Adeje


Departures from

Puerto de Los Gigantes

Santiago del Teide

Departures from

Puerto de Playa San Juan

Guía de Isora