Sea Passion

«Sea Passion»
Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000086

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos

Sea Passion yacht with a capacity of 11 passengers.

  • Private Charter & Fishing available.
  • Small groups with friendly  family treatment.

Departing from the port of Playa San Juan, heading towards the south of the island of La Gomera reaching a distance of about 5km from the coast, where the sonar marks a depth of 1000m, we will begin the search for the Short Finned Pilot Whale, a cetacean which is resident all year in these waters. In these five km that we travel you can also observe a lot of marine life such as flying fish, turtles, dolphins, sharks, etc.

Then we will continue towards the volcanic coast where we will border it, the captain will explain the geological volcanic formations and all the marine life of the Teno -Rasca ZEC zone. The you will continue to the beautiful “Agua Dulce” cove where you will bathe, snorkell, and enjoy a snack.

Afterwards you will continue along the coast towards the fishing port where you can observe the artisanal fishing boats, both the tuna fishing vessels and those of sardines and mackerel.

An excursion that mixes nature, with culture and history of the Canaries told by a captain who has been raised in this area.

Live multiple ways to enjoy the sea, the option to share the experience with family, friends or simply make a more exclusive trip with the option of choosing your own excursion and destination.

By booking in advance you can enjoy the food service on board on the private charter. Sea Passion is fully equipped with all the necessary material to enjoy a full day out at sea.

Included services

  • Customer service office located on the port, with small comfortable terrace waiting area.
  • Transport from selected areas.
  • Snorkeling equipement
  • Local Produce Snacks: Sandwiches, fruit & Drinks.

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