The Royal Delfin Gigantes Masca Cruise.

The included services for the Royal Delfin Los Gigantes Masca Cruise:

  • We have Free transport from the main hotels in the south of Tenerife.
  • You will experience Whale and Dolphin Watching.
  • You have included a small appetizer (bun sandwich).
  • The Drinks included: beer, water, soft drinks, sangria, and juice.
  • There will be a swimming stop in the bay of Masca in Los Gigantes.
  • As for food there will be an onboard Courtesy Lunch.

There is an alternative menu for celiacs and vegetarians upon request.

Royal Delfin Catamaran:
Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000058.

Association: ACEST, Calderon de Canarias.

Certificate ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos

This catamaran is absolutely a Family and Children friendly experience. Manual Wheel Chair is accessible onboard the Royal Delfin. Also, the Royal Delfin has a very comfortable main deck where families can bring onboard their strollers.

The Royal Delfin has exclusive Submarine Vision with 16 Panoramic 50”, used to observe whales and dolphins under the water. Additionally, our professional multilingual Live Guides onboard will provide all the information needed.

Royal Delfin Catamaran is unquestionably the only boat in Tenerife that allows the observation of whales and dolphins above and UNDER the sea. The Royal Dolphin also has 16 UNDERWATER windows. This is absolutely a luxury for anyone to see these animals swim freely, in their natural habitat.

Apart from this, the catamaran has three decks. It has an outdoor deck. This is ideal for soaking in the sun and observing Tenerife’s magnificent coastline. The middle deck is where the main bar is located. Not only does it have a big shaded area, which is ideal for families and seniors, but also where you can both sit comfortably. Last but not least, we have the underwater vision where our underwater whale watching takes place.