Atlantic Eco Experience

Eco Atlantic Experience Boat «Papacho II».
Blue boat: CT-38-4-0000085

Association: ACEST & World Cetacean Alliance Partner

Blue Boat regulations Carta por la sostenibilidad del avistamiento de cetáceos

Exclusive maximum 10 passenger RIB.

Exceptionally stable boat.

Pioneers in whale and dolphin listening with hydrophone. A biologist specializing in vertebrates will guide the experience.

The Papacho II will depart from Puerto Colón at the time scheduled where we will then head to deeper waters where the visitor will receive a brief explanation and guided by a professional biologist on the fauna that we can find and what our way of observation will be, the characteristics of the animal behaviour that we find as well as the coast’s characteristics and ocean life. Eco Atlantic Experience are the pioneers in whale listening in Tenerife you will have the chance to listen to the sounds of the cetaceans and understand more about its communication skills.

For those who select the Eco Experience (3 hours tour), the visit will go on and we will head to the coast again to Puertito de Armeñime, where you can take a swim in the local bay. We will have a soft drink and some snacks and when the time comes, we will head back again to Puerto Colón where we will put an end to the journey.

Eco Atlantic Experience offers in all of our journeys a soft-drink or a glass of local wine with snacks will be offered to our visitors. It is highly recommended to go dressed according to the circumstances and check the weather forecast for the day.

Taking off your shoes will be required before coming on-board. Your footwear will be nicely kept by our crew.

For those who will take their photo equipment, we also have some good advice in order to get good pictures.

Included services

  • Visit guided by a  professional biologist.
  • Whale Watching and listening.
  • Soft drinks (beer and wine included).
  • Soft meal (snacks and fruits) Only 3 hours tour.
  • Snorkeling masks for swimming Only 3 hours tour.

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